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How to select good thermal paper

good thermal paper

As we all know that good thermal paper will protect thermal head life-span, or thermal head will be damaged easily.

According to our experience, if the thermal paper white exaggeration, it shows that this is a serious jerry-built product. Because heat-sensitive paper coating raw materials are not pure white the to white color is achieved by adding a plethora of fluorescent agents, the same with some copy paper, these additives will react with thermal coating of thermal paper, then affect the stability, may also cause thermal coating thickness below standard, shorten retention period of the print effect. Good the surface of the thermal paper should be seen a little light green or dark green. At the same time the paper should be as smooth as possible and products coating consistency and stability are good.

 In addition, at the time of inspection, you may wish to use the lighter moments in the paper on the back of the heating, artificial simulation click Print (thermal coating heat from the change), if the thermal paper heating part of the color change is very uniform, indicating that the product is good. If the ambient temperature is relatively high and there is no lighter, you can use nail painting look on paper, the color effect of the scratches part of the same reference to your purchase.

As to save time, you can use a nail scratch paper, in strong light and high temperature, the color faster, more unstable, while retention period is not too long and the coating of this product layer thickness is not enough.

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