TP37X Thermal Printer Mechanism

3 inch thermal printer mechanism, support receipt/label paper printing with auto paper cutter, High printing speed up to 300mm/s, applicable to receipt printer/ label printer, ECR, measuring instruments, KIOSK system and medical equipment.


  • Commercial and fiscal ECR
  • Measuring instruments
  • KIOSK system
  • Receipt printers
  • Medical equipments
  • Label printer


  • The max printing speed up to 300mm/s.
  • Support receipt, label paper printing.
  • With head block open mechanism (without paper-cutter), to simplify and speed up paper roll replacing.
  • With stepper motor auto-paper-cutter function to avoid cutter block or TPH burn and lower the designer’s demand.
  • High printing endurance up to 100km(recommend to use high quality thermal paper, such as F230AA Mitsubishi paper, DJ03 thermal paper). 100 millions of pulse activation.
Number of dots




Paper entry width (mm)

83mm, 80mm, 60mm, 58mm

Valid printing width (mm)

80mm, 72mm, 56mm, 54mm

Highest printing speed

300mm/s, 150mm/s

Operating voltage

24V±10%, 12V~14V

TPH abrasion resistance

100km(by using F230AA Mitsubishi paper/DJ03 thermal paper)

Cutter life



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