TP2JX Thermal Printer Mechanism

WinsPu TP2J series 2”printe is ideal for POS solutions in Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare and more. It is adopted in Verifone VX675/ VX520. Its easy loading structure greatly improve paper loading and regular maintenance. It operates at speeds up to 150mm/s with 384 dots/line. TP2J comes with a 2 years warranty as standard.


  • Vertical EFT-POS
  • Commercial ECR
  • Fiscal ECR
  • Portable ECR
  • Receipt printer with front paper exit
  • Ticket Issuing Terminals
  • Medical Equipments


  • Front open mechanism with latch function
  • Compact design, straight paper path.
  • Printing speed up to 150mm/s (ATP2JMP8MX)
  • High resolution up to 8 dots/mm
  • High printing endurance up to 150km(using DJ03 paper, F230AA Mitsubishi paper or equivalent thermal paper)
Number of dots




Paper entry width (mm)

58mm(paper width 57.5±0.5mm)

Valid printing width (mm)


Highest printing speed

100mm/s, 150mm/s, 75mm/s

Operating voltage

4.2V~9.5V, 12V~14V, 3.3V~5V

TPH abrasion resistance

100km(by using F230AA Mitsubishi paper/DJ03 thermal paper)


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