EM3X Thermal Panel Printer

EM3X is a world’s smallest 3 inch Thermal Panel Printer with auto cutter design, supports Φ80 paper roller. Adjustable paper out detector, appropriate time to inform the preparation of the cash register paper. EM3X Panel Mount printer is widely used in KIOSKs, Scales and portable printer, etc.


  • Portable Printers and Terminals
  • Handheld Terminals
  • Measuring System
  • Measuring Instruments
  • Data Terminal Devices
  • Medical Equipments
  • Taximeters

Exclusive Features 

  • Adjustable paper out detector,appropriate time to inform the preparation of the cash register paper.
  • The world’s smallest three-inch φ80×80 printing module with cutter. (opening size: 119.5mmX134.4mm)
  • There are 12V/24V voltages available, and the 12V printer can simplify the PC POS power system to a single power 12V system.
  • The patented convenient fixing method ,allows the module to be removed from the panel for maintenance, and it can also be fixed by a traditional internal locking method.
  • Enter the standby mode by software command, ultra low standby current (12μA).
  • The heating point and heating interval can be automatically adjusted by software commands to adapt to the maximum peak current of different power supply conditions.


  • Used as panel printer when fixed on a iron plate,and used as printer module when embedded in other devices.
  • With stepper motor paper auto-cutter function, to avoid cutterblock or TPH burn and lower the designers’ demand.
  • MAX printing speed: 250mm/s(24V),150mm/s(12V).
  • With high-voltage and low-voltage optional.
  • High printing endurance up to 100km(DJ03, Mitsubishi F230AA high quality thermal paper is recommended).
  • Optional interface: USB、RS23
Number of dots




Paper entry width (mm)

80mm(paper width:79.5±0.5mm)

Valid printing width (mm)


Highest printing speed

150mm/s, 200mm/s


12V~14V, 24V±5%

TPH abrasion resistance

100km(F230AA Mitsubishi paper or DJ03 thermal paper)


200,000 cuts


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