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WinsPu Technology Co., Ltd, headquartered in Taiwan, established its R&D and sales center in 2002 in Torch High-Tech Zone Xiamen, China. Winspu specializes in the designing and manufacturing of thermal printer mechanisms, thermal printer modules .With a rich-experienced and professional R&D team and a certified test laboratory, Winspu can design and develop thermal printer mechanisms and thermal printer modules according to customers' requirements. Therefore, Winspu, as a thermal printer mechanism and printer module solution provider, has gained the reputation of being fully customer-orientated from every aspect, including technology research, product design and development, marketing, sales and customer service. So far, Winspu has established a long-term corporation relationship with many well-known companies in the world, such as VERIFONE, BITEL, CASTELS, ECTURE,SIEMENS, OLIVETTI, ACLAS, TREMOL, GENEKO, PIONEER GAME, etc.


Winspu manufactures gears, gear covers, printer frames, zinc alloys, and so on by ourselves, which enable us to well guarantee and control the quality. In addition, the TPH wafers are aligned by Winspu itself as well (tolerance of accuracy up to ±0.005mm).


Currently Winspu possesses 3 fully automatic assembly lines + 1 processing line with an annual production capacity of 3,000K pcs of thermal printer mechanisms and modules.


 Winspu is committed to provide highly reliable, innovative thermal printer solutions that meet the challenges of our customers’ application needs. We strive to exceed the requests of our customers by going above and beyond what is asked to ensure every detail is to your specifications. Ultimately we wish to establish and maintain a long-term relationship with every customer built on respect, confidence and mutual trust.