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WinsPu Technology Co., Ltd, headquartered in Taiwan, established its R&D and sales center in 2002 in Xiamen, China. WinsPu specializes in the designing and manufacturing of thermal printer mechanisms, panel printer and kiosk printer modules. With an experienced and professional R&D team and a certified test laboratory, WinsPu is able to develop various kinds of thermal printer mechanisms and printer modules as per market demand. With more than one decade efforts, WinsPu has gained the reputation of being fully customer-orientated, including technology research, product design and development, marketing, sales and customer service. So far, WinsPu has established a long-term corporation relationship with many renowned international companies such as VeriFone, Ingenico, Hypercom, Bitel, Bluebird, Simens, Olivetti, ACLAS and so on.

Winspu is committed to provide highly reliable, innovative thermal printer solutions to meet customers’ various demands. We are dedicating to achieve the mutual benefits between customers and us by professional and honest cooperation. We wish to establish and maintain a long-term relationship with every customer built on respect, confidence and mutual trust.

Winspu is committed to providing consistent, highly reliable thermal printing solutions for all market segments. Winspu also prides itself on its ability to focus resources on our individual customers' immediate and long-term printing needs. This means that, Winspu's technical innovation matches the ease of integration of our thermal printing solutions and our ability to be a flexible commercial supplier.