About WinsPu

one of the leading manufacturer of thermal printer in the world.


Winspu is committed to provide highly reliable, innovative thermal printer solutions that meet the challenges of our customers application needs.

WinsPu Technology Co., Ltd

Company Profile​​

WINSPU Technology Co., Ltd. one of the leading manufacturer of thermal printer in the world. Headquartered in Taiwan, established its sales and production center in 2002 in Xiamen City, China.

WINSPU specializes in the designing and manufacturing of thermal printer mechanisms and thermal printer modules, with a rich‐experienced and professional R&D team and a certified test laboratory.

As a thermal printing solution provider, WINSPU has gained the reputation of being fully customerorientated from every aspect, including technology research, product design and development, marketing, sales and customer service.

So far, WINSPU has established a long‐term corporation relationship with many well‐known companies in the world, such as VERIFONE, INGENICO, BITEL, BLUEBIRD, HYPERCOM, SIEMENS, OLIVETTI, TREMOL, GENEKO, ACLAS etc.

About Us

8 departments, 300+ employees;
Strong R&D team: about 140 engineers in Hardware and Software.
ISO 9001 Certified enterprises from 2002

Quick technical support and after-sales service.
Every year 2~3 new products launched

Total area: 40000 sqm;
400+ manufacturers;
Every year sale over 10 million units around the world.

Total 177m Semi-automatic assembly line.
Our own factory supports us with the shortest delivery time.
Professional Laboratory to ensure our products has a top quality.

Production Capacity

Injection Plant


Assembly line

About Us

World Map
  • Output: 500k/month.
  • 50+ countries have entered.
  • 60% WinsPu products are exported.
  • 2 branches in Australia and Poland respectively.
  • The World’s leading manufacturer of thermal printer.